Friday, August 5, 2011

I just got I-n-k-e-d!

Just got the most unique and best birthday gift ever!

Myke Sambajon, a pioneer and multi awarded tattoo artist
locally and internationally and also one of PHILTAG’s founders did the most awesome tattoo on my ankle.  Myke, known as the guy who first tattooed famous celebrities like Francis Magalona, Maxine Magalona, Vic Sotto, Oyo boy Sotto, Maxine Eigenmann, Ryan Eigenmann and the latest on his list was Angel Locsin, have been interviewed several times on TV and print marking how vast his 20 years experience is on the art of tattooing.

I am hesitant at first because it's very unlikely of my personality to try this kind of stuff. But having this inner drive for change and challenge, I slowly took interest in having one. The best part is I'm going to be inked by someone I know I can trust. I can be daring sometimes but it's still important to me that I do take some precautions when taking a challenge.

Now during the session I did my assignment of taking as much information as I can. He started by checking the printout I brought for my tattoo. I personally selected the Japanese character design below the moon I picked from several selections in the internet. It's a combination of my fascination of the moon and my devotion as a mom of strength. The characters I printed were a bit larger than the moon so Myke had to adjust it.

Next was he started to do the outline and cut the image. He has this special carbon paper he used to trace and place the outline on the skin before coloring. He then rubbed something sticky (he said it is a deo) on the part to be tattooed on to make sure the layout appears on the skin.

I don't want to disturb his concentration when he started to work on my tattoo but I was really curious I had to ask if the red color he was wiping from my skin is already a blood or just the red ink he put on it. I guess it was the ink. 

I was pretty cool trying to relax myself so as not to feel the pain so much. I must say it is highly effective except when he started working on the outline and on to the bony part, I had to divert myself and started talking to someone near me. I had to give credit to myself for having a high pain tolerance but this had me jerking a bit whenever the needle glides through a bit longer on a specific area. The good part was Myke doesn't stay too long on one area. He allows a little time for recovery on one part by moving on some area then back again lessening trauma and further pain. As I was watching how he drives that long needle on my skin, i realized that for greater area where more shade is needed the pain is minimal to tolerable much like a vibrating pen rubbing on my skin. Like my friend advised before I took the plunge, the more detailed the design is, the more painful it would be. Extra awesome points for having a numb cream applied on the tattoo after the session to lessen the pain. The needle used on me was handed to me for souvenir. I was surprised! It was a very long needle indeed!

I've come to witness an artist at work. Seriously, it is the love of work and art that keeps Myke successful in this field. He is such a gifted guy. My girlfriend is very lucky, I must say! My only regret was I forgot to bring a camera. I was too excited I almost forgot the printed copy of my design so I had to go back home to get it. Good thing my ever reliable girlfriend who happened to be Myke's lovely life partner took pictures. Now I got a pic with Myke, "the awesome guy!" 

Here are the pics of how awesome he is:

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