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I'm also a member of Jomar Hilario's Online Club. He is personally recommended by Bo Sanchez for those who want to earn using the Internet.

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14 Hours Hands on Training on Onlineselling + Online Promotion + Blogging

Virtual Assistant Seminar

And as part of my educational investment I attended a VA Seminar to upgrade my skills and eventually get a part time source of income and it's home based. Now I'm a graduate of Jomar Hilario's VA Training Course. If you want to start earning from home, just click here to know more and register.

Social Mentoring Club

Free 200+ slideshow on Facebook Marketing:  
You might want to know how people are using Facebook instead of Google and all that talk of "SEO" --to get more customers in their businesses.
Check out this quick read -and even show it to your marketing heads - I'm sure they can use the information there immediately. It's free plus it's made a Pinoy! P.S. Click here to see the Facebook Marketing tutorial. Yes, this is free.

Favorite Financial Literacy Site:

I've subscribed to this blog's newsletter to enrich myself with practical advises on how to gain financial freedom. He's launching his very first ebook guide:
Rich Money Habits - 8 Ways To Shift Your Money Habits and Be Rich.

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