Sunday, February 10, 2013

Why I never ran after a guy & why I value myself so high

Why am I a princess?
Because my father made me so:-)

I normally don't eat cold rice so my father would get up in the morning to cook or make fried rice for me. I don't eat left overs so he would give me the newly cooked food. I normally take a bath with hot water so he'll heat up water for me. I don't really cook so father would cook the best ginataan pagi, laing, sinantol and the best cassava cake for me. When we have friends around, he would make his kilawin special. He also makes the best atsara (pickled papaya) and would gift us with  chickens from his poultry on our birthdays. I won't eat crab unless he remove the shell for me.

When I was just a little girl, I have all kind of dolls and he would still ask me what I want for my graduation day. He is always generous with "baon" giving us extra money whenever we ask. He is the sweetest man alive marrying my mother several times and sending her flowers during valentines day even when he is working overseas.

I used to hate his strict and conservative ways but looking  back,  it's not so bad at all because it instilled discipline and good manners in each of us. He was the unpredictable and short tempered person. He is the traditional authoritative father who never tolerate talking back. He is the protective father who would warn any guy who dare to court the young me (a guy friend just recently told me  this haha never knew this happened ages ago)

Now I'm grateful that God allowed enough time for us to know and understand him more. Despite that serious look, he's actually a funny guy with lots of good stories to tell about the places he had been to around the world.

He is a wonderful lolo to my boys doing the carpentry works in building their toy cabinets,  bookshelves, study table and playpen.  He teaches them how to plant and cook and build stuffs. During Ichirou's toddler years, my father would walk with him every morning around the subdivision for exercise.  I think my kid got the habit of waking up early from him and my mom.

I could list a lot of wonderful things my father is made of and it all sums up to why I never ran after a guy and why I value myself so high.

And to you my father dear, You know I love you. Despite the detours I had in my life, you never love  me less. You still accepted me and my little boys. I pray that may God continue to bless you with more blessings, love, happiness and most esp good health. Claim that you will be healed in Jesus name. Amen.

Happy birthday Tatay!
We love you.

Who treats you like a princess?
Do you value yourself enough to be treated like a princess?