Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mama's secret to a happy day

Like the Mama's Good boy rules, I also have rules for myself.

Live simply but have FUN.
Be Kind.
Open thy heart and eyes to new opportunities.
Pick the good, throw the bad.
Look at the brighter side of things.
Share best practices, kindness and smile.
Empower myself and others by reading more, learning and trying out new things everyday.
Be productive- an Idle mind is a devil's playground.
And last but not the least- Mind thy own business. Not everything is all about you.

It can easily be done but the real secret is, you have to welcome it with open mind and heart. Then follow it up with actions. It is really hard at first, but you'll get the vibe.

Sssshhhh..... it's my secret to staying young, bubbly and happy. :) But yeah, share away!

Have you been productive lately?