Sunday, November 25, 2012

Revised Money Jars

I have recently joined a group who aim to share financial concepts and learning to people who have financial goals. Actually, we also reach out to those who have no idea on how money works or how to make it grow. I myself have been reading a lot of these financial stuffs but it is only recently that I have seriously taken action. Our team is currently working to make more opportunities for educational meet ups to support those who are interested to learn more on how to achieve financial freedom. I am working my way through it, thanks for the help and support of my IMG team.

Yesterday we had an opportunity to play the Cash Flow game, learned more about mutual funds through mind mapping and money jars. I have my own version of money jars. I use my online bank accounts for each purpose. Now I have yet to revise my money jars since many have change already when I started here in Singapore. But to the benefit of those interested I'm re posting my old article about money jars.

My Money Jars

I first learned about this when I attended a financial seminar last year. That was the time when I started subscribing to Bo Sanchez' newsletters. I attended every financial seminar there is and was able to finish 3 modules in a week. I must say it's worth the time and until now I'm encouraging my sisters and even friends to attend. Every topic assures me of what I'm doing right and enlightens me on my weak areas as well.
I can say I'm good in budgeting. I can juggle my monthly income from payables to regular expenses and emergency stuffs. I have learned to make ends meet albeit sometimes it looks impossible even before payday comes. I've learned how to use excel program to tabulate and monitor expenses and payables. I have mastered the art(if there is such) of scheduling loans during enrollment and special occasions. All of these I'm proud to have learned all by myself but not until I've humbly opened my heart to my mentors. Note that my budgetting only covers expenses and it's not a good thing.

With my new money jars, it covers everything. It's not a physical jar that you can see in my home. It's actually a system I learned from one of the financial seminars I've attended last year. This system will not only build your wealth in the long run but it will also help you settle previous debts. It's originally 5 jars but I have mine divided into 7. Each account has a certain percentage from my income sources.

Financial Freedom Account ( FFA) 20%
- This is the account where I build my fund for future investments. This should be regularly funded to accummulate and be used if you plan to invest in stocks or finance a business or start up a passive income. Passive income is a business that generates income even when you sleep. I have mine in a bank with a passbook so I won't be able to withdraw in a whim. It shouldn't be touched unless I'm ready to invest.

Charity  10%
- This is  the account where a certain amount is kept for charity purposes. Remember that helping others is one way of giving back God's abundant blessings to us. It depends on how much you wanted to give back. But as saying goes, the more you give the more you receive, most of the time surprisingly better.

Play 5%
- After the seminar, this is the first account that instantly pops out of my head when I tried to review the money jar lessons. Why? Because this is the account where I put the amount alloted for my monthly self indulgence. We need to pamper ourselves too for balance. This also saves us from cheating in the other jars. :P

Emergency Fund (EF) 10%
- This is the account where I save for emergency purposes like medical bills, urgent house repairs and other unexpected expenses. Take note: Unexpected expenses. This too is safe in the bank to be withdrawn only if needed.

Education fund (EdF) 10%
- Before, I used to wonder why seminars cost so much. I also thought these are only for carreer enhancement and required to update professionals like medical practitioners and those in Information technology. Now, I'm always on the look out for latest and practical seminars related to my interests and source of income. This is where I allot my Education fund. This is also used to buy books, magazines and stuffs I need to learn about businesses and personal development. Remember that education is also an investment. The more we learn, the more we become a better person.

Living Fund- 40%
- This goes to Necessities. This includes regular monthly bills like water, electricity, groceries, food, transportation, subscriptions. It also depends on your lifestyle. If you have other activities you regularly do and pay monthly dues like running activities or going to the gym, include it here.

Kids Fund 5%
- I'm a mom and I have to set aside a special account for my kids activities and needs for our bonding time. It doesn't have to be expensive when you do activities with kids but it still helps to have a separate account that will not affect our regular budget.

You can modify your money jar according to what suits your status and lifestyle. If you are single, you can stick to the basic 5. What's important is that you are able to keep an amount to build your future, save for emergencies and still able to give back to God. It's your choice and my advise as always is START NOW. 

How are your money jars?