I woke up yesterday with this thought in mind. The perspective article have been long waiting to be published. I should have finished it earlier. Now I thought a disclaimer is a better alternative. We cannot control how people see things, but at least we can prove our point.

The blog aims to inform, educate and share. It aims to enlighten too but I do not expect much. For enlightenment comes only to those who have open mind and hearts. It is limited only to those who welcome change and ready to embrace a new life.

I never preached in my blogs. I post favorite quotes or bible passages but I never dare to explain because It was never my intention to stir a debate. I only trust the message as I understood it from my heart. I regard the message as a reminder for me but who knows, somebody might just be needing it too. That's why I share. I'm open to all kinds of faith and I ask a lot of questions but I don't dare create a diversion. After all what's important is we believe that there is somebody up there who loves us and  watches over our every decisions.

If you will read without bitterness, I regard my God as my friend, my shock absorber, my only hope, my only rescue, my adviser and my constant guide. That's what my reflections are for. I do not claim nor use God to portray myself as a good one because all those reflections claims my mistakes in life and how God pull me through it.

I'm not a perfect person but I'm striving to be by not hurting others But I won't tolerate people who will push me to the limit.

The world doesn't revolve with just one person. My world is too big to share love with. If you feel a pinch in your heart, that means it's a wake up call. 

Now the questions below every post is a reminder to those who have been enlightend. Will they act on it or not? Because enlightenment doesn't end with just a thought. It needs action to make it work.

Thank you for the readers who keeps on visiting the blog. I'm returning the favor by giving you more informative and productive activities to do.

God bless you.


There is one person posting malicious lies about me and hates me for some reason.
If you are smart enough you'll figure out who is telling the truth and who is living in LIES.
In Reality, numbers don't lie.
Now tell me, are you one of the smart ones? :)

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