Monday, July 30, 2012

God's own time

Three years ago, I was applying to recruitment agencies hoping to work in Singapore. I passed my interviews with flying colors. But the challenge was the placement fee. We were in a phase where I and my sisters were struggling financially due to a lot of financial obligations when our mom got hospitalized and passed away.

So plan A was scratched. Plan B was to review board exams and go back to medical field. Alongside was our direct selling business which was a huge hit. I was even promoted to Account Manager. Imagine myself working full time at night, running to my review class the next day then rushing to get orders from Avon which always have long queue of the dealers trying to get all the stocks on sale. I'm lucky if I still have 4 hours left to sleep before running again to work. This has been my routine for 6 months. It was no wonder when I finally felt its toll on my health.

I prayed that wherever God wanted me to be, and then let it be. It did not occur to me that God is a generous God. We need to be specific on what we really want. Though He knows what is in our hearts, we ourselves should be sure of what we are praying for.

Clearly at this point, my review class was not my priority. I was enjoying all the benefits we get from our part time business and the prestige of being the boss is overwhelming because of the perks. I was a bit confident on my exam because from experience, I made it to the top 4% of my batch. I neglected the fact that it was years ago when I graduated.

I realized that God has better plans. But I also have to do my part. The only thing I know right is the fact that I am good in juggling budget and no matter how small I was still able to make ends meet. I decided to seek financial knowledge and spiritual guide. I admit my budgeting skills is not enough. I have to get a full grasp of any information that can pull me up from financial problem.

That's when I started to attend all kinds of financial seminar there is. I followed Bo Sanchez because of his Truly rich club teachings. I even enrolled myself in an online class about internet marketing. I was so busy then. I thought this is going to be ok. Little did I know, another struggle is coming. I had to transfer to another account because the one I'm currently in is ending support. Now that means goodbye to comfort zone.

Fast forward, I immediately got accepted to a new account. This time, I really have to do real troubleshooting! I'm blessed to have been assigned to a good team manager and nice colleagues. In a span of 1 year, I already learned a lot of technical stuff.

I must say that year was the most challenging. A friend betrayed me, my dad got diagnosed with prostate disorder and his health card is not covering his surgery, I was accused of buying a guy's attention which was really a big lie, a crazy stalker had been posting malicious stuffs about me and even dragged my kids name on her insanity, financially I'm barely keeping up, I had a late bloomer allergy, and my younger sister getting drifted by some unwelcome influence.

Despite all these, God never left my side. There were times I'd fall into sin through actions and thoughts when my faith is getting challenged.  But God never gave up on me. He still protected me with His loving embrace from people who's trying to hurt me by giving me more true friends, more loving family and relatives. He showed me who my real friends are in times of trouble and made me realized I have many. He gave me opportunities to empower myself more, learn more and socialize more. He showed me the talents I've been trying to hide all these years. He blessed my dad with caring doctors and enough financial resources to support his medicines. He continuously blessed my sister Sofia with courage, strength and wisdom to steer right my decisions when I am confused and undecided. He blessed us with people who believes in our dreams and did not hesitate to support our family plans. He led me to my special caring group who definitely made a difference in my life. They confirmed that what I was trying to live for were right and only God can judge me for He knows what is in my heart. He blessed me with good memories I've shared with my office mates including the hilarious ones. I've been blessed with the knowledge that not everything is about me and not get too sensitive with trivial things that doesn't include me. More importantly, I was blessed with a forgiving heart. My Jesus encounter experience graced me with a new heart. A heart free from all the hurt it had been through. Now my heart is ready to trust and welcome new friends.

Now I'm here in Singapore and ready to face new challenges. Before I came here I prepared myself and my kids on what's ahead of us. I thank God because I have smart kids and trusted family members. This was never an easy decision. Life in the Philippines was so much fun in my workplace and especially at home. But God has put me through many life challenges and overcoming those struggles made me a better person. I think God decided for me that it's time to move on.

I trusted Him, believing God has a big birthday gift for me. He never fails with His promises. I had sleepless nights because I'm worried I might get off load by Immigration but with just a simple smile, the officer stamped my passport without any questions asked. I was able to celebrate my birthday happily in SG with my wonderful Tito Bong. When I started looking for a job it was like I'm still on shift. I am online everyday applying for every job description that fits my qualification. On the second week I asked God to direct me on the site where I can apply so I can already claim my gift. The next day I got a call from a recruiter but she was asking for a fee. Though we have a budget for that, I took my friends and my Tito's advice to decline. Then the next day another recruiter called me for an interview. Then the next day the client interviewed me and finally discussed working environment and schedule. They have already scanned my documents so I am feeling optimistic already. I was asked for 2 Team Managers who can give a background check. They gave me really awesome recommendations. I must say that I always have good working relationships with my colleagues. I believe in not burning bridges, but  instead connect and make more true friends.

Waiting for the approved pass gave me mixed emotions. I had to make myself productive just to calm myself. I even cleaned the bathroom unscheduled. I kept my Inbox open the whole morning waiting for some good news. I fell asleep while waiting. I woke up looking at the subject: medical exam for S pass. At that moment I want to cry. GOD finally gave me my birthday gift. God really never fails.

God never fails. Looking back, all those struggles are just temporary. He uses those challenges to empower us, strengthen us and make us realize that God is always true to his promises. Even though we fail Him many times, His love for us never fails. We just have to reach out and call on Him, try our best to follow Him, and most of all believe because God never fails. I'm a living testimony that God does things according to His plan and He does it in His own sweet time. God never fails.

Thank you Lord. Make me an instrument of your never ending love and grace.