Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shoppinghobbies online shop

Talent and Hobby is a good combination to earn a living. Enjoying what you love to do and earning from it definitely is a big leap from a corporate full time job to being the Boss. Chriz Aban's brave step paved way to enjoying what she loves to do: shopping from dresses to make ups, browsing online stores and be able to use her talent as a make up artist.

The Climb

Chriz started as a retailer last December 2010 and within a few months she has stepped up to being an importer and wholesaler. She earns more than P500 a week and more during weekends. Now her Shoppinghobbies online shop is open for wholesale items to give our young women & moms to get an extra income. 

Her Babies
Majority of her items are NYX products and other make up brands. What make her products stand out from the hundreds of products sold online is that NYX Cosmetics is consider as MAC cosmetics counterpart, much cheaper but same high quality. She is also now selling some contact lens, VS singapore and other mix items.

The Obstacles
Just like any other start up businesses, it's not always a smooth road. You have to deal with different kinds of people from suppliers abroad up to the customers. "When it comes to dealing with my suppliers abroad, just learn the word "Trust". As for bogus buyers, I leave a comment on their FB walls or post their profile on my wall. I do believe in KARMA."

Her Tools
Being in business means you have to know how to reach your customers so she put up her online shop to expand her network.  "I really want to put up my own small business and since I found online shopping cheaper compared in some malls products, its also energy & time saver for those who have a busy life style like mine."
She's also encouraging girls who loves to look beautiful to not only enjoy her beauty products but earn from it as well. If you want to earn extra money, you can be a wholesaler, retailer or supplier even if you are just a student, a working girl or a mom.

Time Check
Chris being a young professional has a busy lifestyle so I asked her how she manage time with family, work and business. She says: "It's still all manageable, as long as my family is always there to support all my decisions I think I'm fine with that."

Her Gem of Advise
"There's a money online. Having a business doesn't need a big capital. What you must have is your perseverance and your love of work. Again the word TRUST, "how to TRUST and when to give your TRUST", to avoid being scammed. "

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Happy Shopping Online!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Luxurious Shop Fashion House & Party needs

As part of The Pinay Helpdesk Mom’s quest to help, educate and inspire, PHdM will be featuring several empowered women who have on their own ways took a step forward in doing what they love to do and at the same time earn from it. And for our Mother’s day issue I’m very glad to feature a mom who not only loves online shops but earn from it as well.

Drum roll pls….. Let me present Ms. Odess Marquez of The Luxurious Shop Fashion house & Party needs.

Odess Marquez is a Full time momtrepreneur doing balancing act between her online shop, mommy tasks and as a Tech Support Professional. Odess put up her online shop in July 2007 and has gained many customers up to present. She looks forward to having her own boutique soon.

She started young.
Passion for business at a very young age of 9 inspired Odess to venture into business. She fondly recalls selling pastillas made by her cousin when she was in 3rd grade. Her fondness of online shopping as a hobby also paved way to her decision to put up her own online shop in July 2007.

Her products and services
The Luxurious Shop Fashion house and Party needs sells on-hand clothes, Pre-order Korean apparels, mulberry and bags. She also offers party needs supplies like balloons, dessert table, balloon centerpiece, loot bags and also accepts balloon arrangement. What makes her products stand out from the rest is the quality and affordability of each item.




The Challenges
Odess claims that the hardest part of having an online business is to get the trust of the buyers. She was able to resolve the issue by being transparent on all her transactions. Odess posted all the orders received, confirmed payments, tracking numbers and have the updates that are beneficial to her clients.She also had challenges with bogus buyers. These are customers who pretend to order an item over the internet through private messages, text messages and chat then cancel without notification. They will usually reserve an item, agreed to meet you up somewhere and after wasting time waiting, that buyer won't show up. Bogus buyers are actually the term used by online sellers for scammers online.
Odess posted a Bogus album so that other sellers will be aware of these people. She said to be fair, she still gives them a chance to explain their side.

Recipe for success
For Odess, practicing time management and knowing her priorities helps her balance time with family, work and business. She is most thankful for her baby and family friends who served as her inspiration. She added that she is grateful to her clients for their trust.

"Passion and dedication"
That's the advise from Odess for aspiring moms who would like to follow her steps. I'm pretty sure if you take these by heart you'll be as successful as this Supermom of The Luxurious Shop Fashion house and Party needs.

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Happy mother’s day to all!