Friday, August 15, 2014

Kerygma Grand Feast Asia 2014 Power Up!

Today I signed the extension of my contract. That means it is confirmed that even though my work pass is expiring soon, I will still be here in Singapore to serve in the Kerygma Grand Feast Asia 2014. And that is an answered prayer! 

Just to share, my contract expired last Aug 6. But because of my passport amendment last year, my working pass was also extended to September. SInce my work pass is still valid, my contract was extended. Just enough time for me to stay here in Singapore and serve in the KGF 2014 on October 25th. 

On my twitter account @pinayhelpdskmom, I quoted, I'm a living testimony that God do things according to His plan and He does it all in His own sweet time! God NEVER fails! 

I have been serving Kergyma Grand Feast Asia since its first year and I must say, I have been truly blessed ever since. One of my answered prayer was to bring my kids in at least 7 countries around the world. Last May, my kids were here for the whole month and we also got to hop to Legoland Malaysia. Five more countries to go but I already claimed it as an answered prayer because I believe God has a very generous heart and He never says No to loving mothers. :)

So if you want to be blessed in your life, join us and be part of the Kerygma Grand Feast Asia 2014!
OCTOBER 25 2014. Abundance awaits you! Be there and be blessed!

Kerygma Grand Feast Asia is an annual inspirational and learning event led by the Light of Jesus Family under the leadership of Bro. Bo Sanchez. Light of Jesus Family Singapore (LOJFSG) is a Catholic Charismatic Community and a recognized society by the Registrar of Societies in Singapore.

The Preachers.

Bo Sanchez is a best-selling author of 38 books and the publisher of eight of the widest-read inspirational magazines in the Philippines. He leads numerous non-profit organizations that serve orphans and poor children, including Anawim, a home for the abandoned elderly.
He is seen every week on national TV through Kerygma TV aired on IBC, ANC, and many other cable networks. He is also heard on Radio Veritas 846 every morning and appears on his daily internet program, “Preacher in Blue Jeans.” His online newsletter, Soulfood, is sent to hundreds of thousands of readers worldwide. He is the founder of the Light of Jesus Family that builds spiritual communities all over the world called “Feasts.”

Pio EspaƱol entered the St. Alphonsus’ Seminary in Cebu City when he was 15 years old. He dreamt of being a missionary priest but God allowed a detour in his life. Pio left the seminary two years later and studied Accountancy at San Beda College where he became a co-founder of a big fraternity. He drifted from his dream of being a missionary until the memorable night in 1982 at Angeles City where God rekindled His calling in Pio’s heart. This time, Pio gave his unconditional yes to God and joined a prayer meeting. From being a co-founder of a fraternity, Pio became a co-founder of the Light of Jesus Family.
In 1990, Pio left a promising corporate career to answer God’s call to work full-time for the community. He spent many years building up the community by heading theCatholic Service Training Center as well as LOJ’s local and international missions. He also served as the community’s executive director for seven years. Presently, Pio is the District Feast Builder of Rizal province. His dream is to build a Feast in every town and city of Rizal.

Obet Cabrillas is a much sought-after motivational speaker and lay evangelist here and abroad. He began in his speaking missions as early as his teen years and has been a favorite speaker to audiences of all ages: leaders, businessmen, professionals, educators, government employees, military, law enforcers, fire-fighters, networkers, students and the young. His phenomenal life-change from a former street fighter and gangster to dynamic missionary; from poverty to success, has inspired thousands. He is a Feast Builder to two Feasts: Feast Manila and Feast Pasig. He is theDirector of the Campus MissionsYouth Missions, and Radical Men Brotherhood of the Light of Jesus Family.
(Bio source: Rizal Grand Feast 2014)

For ticket inquiry:
Contact: 9739-1177

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