Sunday, September 25, 2011

Blueberry day

I spent the whole afternoon figuring out what to do with the can of blueberries my sister bought last month. This has been a pending request for months already. I only decided to try it yesterday because I was inspired on this new blog for Nanay. This is for her birthday.
I came up with two recipes. The cheesecake choco chip cups with blueberry on top was Sharla’s request and the mini blueberry muffin is for Sofie. Ichirou, my eldest son enjoyed the cheesecake because he loves cheese.

Blueberry cheesecake choco chip
(guess where the choco chip is? )

Mini Blueberry muffins

Happy Birthday Nay. We know you are watching over us from heaven. We love you and misses you so much.

Mama's K!tcHen AdvEnTuRes


  1. This looks yummy! We miss manang too. =( And we also miss you guys. Hope to see you some time. It has been very hard to get together these days.

  2. Thanks Jeng:)
    We are very lucky to have moms who serves us the best dishes. We'll arrange that get together. Save the date: Dec 31 2011. Xrla's reserving an overlooking private resort for the new year (her birthday actually):)