Saturday, December 31, 2011

20 blessings and 11 lessons this 2011

Last year, same month. I remember being excited for the coming year. I was looking forward to a fruitful one. I had attended several financial seminars and enrolled myself in the online marketing class of a well known Internet marketing guru. It was a great sacrifice in my budget but I know investing in knowledge is far greater than investing in temporary stuffs. Being active online for the past 8 years, I know I'm heading to greater possibilities.
But just like every road, there will always be bumps and crossroads along the way. There are choices to make and each trials give us lessons and strength to move forward. This year proved to be one of the turning point in my life.

Let's start with my 20 Bundled Blessings.

1. Faye- the ultimate goddess in my circle of friends. A classic example of beauty, charm and wit. She gave me that piece of advise I'll never forget. "Be classy". "We're not Gretchen Barretto. We're Maricar Reyes. Choose your battles. It's the people who knows you well that matters for we are the ones who believe and knows who you really are." And after that talk, she had to follow up to remind me by sending me a private message. Thank you Faye.

2. Grace- a childhood friend. Despite her softspoken ways, she can hold a group's attention with the substance of her message. Her clear outlook in life and sense of fairness makes her one of my most admired women of my batch. Thank you for all the legal advices and all the information I needed in my quest for exposing the truth. In exchange for that, I'm trying out that Red velvet cake you asked me to bake for you. Not a bribe, mind you;p.

3. Ms. Jovie- for doing what is needed and for seeing through me. For the comforting words, for the assurance that I'm not alone in this and that everyone believes in me because they know the truth. And for the group hug. That touched me, really. I love you guys, muah!

4. Pia- I know how you wanted to reveal what you know just to get things straight if only you weren't reminded by the boyfriend. You are lucky to have one who looks after your welfare. Kudos to Glenn. We know very well what the reaction will be if you went straight ahead spilling it. (remember the recent issue about a PM on FB?) And you are very correct on that term "disgusting attitude". I could have not said it better. Still, I thank you for backing me up.

5. Chad- my running buddy. I'm saying it again...we may never have the same trips in life, but I do appreciate that you understood all my sentiments. Thanks for watching over my back, for being such a good friend, for the tequila session and for being such a gentleman.

6. Apple- for reminding me of the path I used to take. I'm finally back on track. This time no more distractions. Let's get truly rich with God's warm embrace and forgiving love. The caring group we have will always be a priority this time regardless of previous plans. This time I'm choosing this commitment.

7. Angel- for considering me as your sister. Thank you for the loyalty. As I always tell you, don't put yourself in a situation where you can no longer run away. Save the firsts to someone worth it. You're still young. Seize the moment with your passion and quest for knowledge. And yes, you have to speak up and inform the right people. Remember we are accountable of each other, friends or not. We are now seeing the pattern. This has to stop.

8.Alex and Patski- for showing that true love still exists. A love not solely focused on physical connection but on interests, friends and music. Fun couple! I always love couples who look fun instead of the mushy ones. Lots of laugh plus good times equal great partnership. Always bring out the best in each other, that should be your everyday goal. Alex, I never asked but I really appreciate what you did. Sometimes, people just need somebody to slap them with truth. You've seen all the emails, text messages and all his lies. Now the decision to accept the truth is not in our hands anymore.

9. Alton- I will always treasure in my heart that email where you bravely replied to teach the right thing instead of tolerating such ungentleman act. You are truly a man of class. Your parents have brought you up well. I remember during the early days of our training how you asked for that sisterly advise from me when you were just courting A. Such a perfect example of what goes around, comes around. If you give kindness, that's what universe gives back.

10. My team mates.
Jhong - for that daily funny horoscope from MRT newspaper. You may never said anything but I felt that concern in your words and eyes.
Kara- for that "no balls" statement. Funny but true. We won't be proud to have one like that, ayt?
Reg- we should have talked earlier. I guess I'm too late. But whatever, I'm just here for you.
Aris- Remember what I told you when we we're just new in the account? I hope you get better soon. You are missing a lot
JP- stay pure no matter what.

11. The Bikers, Paul & Chris.
I may not be as cool as you think but I appreciate your stand on the recent issue I've been through. I know deep in your hearts you feel for me. Now I find it funny how you tag such words on that person upfront. Fits him exactly. (Lols).
Looking back to our group discussions before, I agree Paul when you said that there are just some people who loves to get noticed and would do anything to get that attention. During the first few weeks, I silently let the issue pass by. But since they cannot get any reaction from me they have to use you guys to pissed me off. Oh well, their reaction have totally defined them. 

12. Ara- It was a touching experience getting to know you and what you've sacrificed for your family. I can totally relate. You'll get through that promise. I've been there and it's truly a rewarding experience. The kindness you are planting today will reap rewards for tomorrow. Have faith.

13. Elijah- for the first one to approach me at the party. As always, the truth will set us free. Thank you. Your revelation just matched what his old friend had also revealed.

14. Marge- Thanks for the honest feedback. Honestly, I didn't find it surprising when you switch from the friendly advise of "it's not worth it" to "pursue it!".  Having read all the outburst and the choice of words totally reveal one's personality, right?  Now I find it funny that you just turned into a grammar nazi suddenly. :D

15. My Homies:)
Joy- my ever bubbly friend who first asked why I chopped Mate (see link, ok?) from the pic. I haven't told her the complete story, yet she already asked me not to waste time on these kind of people but be productive instead. Haha, you know me very well Joyee. Of course, I'd rather read, blog, run, play with my kids and bake with them.

Carol- for being funny, barbaric and different. it's always nice to have someone who look and react at things differently. Thank you for all the war freak suggestions, it really made me laugh. In the end, you made me look at the situation to be petty and nonsense. Just like Joyee, I owe you guys some good chikaminute soon! Looking forward to a night of hearty laugh. :)

16. Ria- you may have been very straightforward lately but the fun I always have with you during our food trips drowned all that negative vibes. We may not be the perfect moms, we may not have all the money in the world, we may never get to buy that condo we were eyeing for, or that super big kitchen that we always dream of, but in the end  just the tought of us together is enough for me to appreciate life and true friendship. Oye, I couldn't agree more when you said the project was kinda so,so.

17. Charles- for the juicy advise and puzzling questions that always make me think,  for the feedback on my baking goodies, for the punchlines you keep on inserting in our email exchanges, for the lunch at Jollibee, and for the listening ear you always have for my never ending stories about my sisters and kids and of course about my latest discoveries and interests... I thought the reason why I met you ended a long time ago. Turns out God has a better plan for us. Let's keep the friendship at its best, no crossing of boundaries;p

18. Housemates:
Victor- I couldn't thank you enough. You have been a wonderful example to my kids not only with good manners but with good health as well. Thank you for serving veggies and seafoods. Now I learned that Ichirou is now hooked on the abs trainer, haha. As long as they do the jumping jack everyday, I'm fine with that. (Now I'm thinking of that threadmill Ichirou suggested a few months back). I promise next time I'll be very choosy to introduce just well mannered guys at home. Anyway, we can't blame them, our home feels like they'll never want to leave again.

Aisa- my ever reliable assistant:) Thank you for following all my instructions well and for taking care of our house. You will always be like a sister to us remember that. Don't ever hesitate to tell us if you need anything.

19. The sisters.
Bingle- I know how you've tried to really convince me that I'm making a big mistake from the very start. Those sisterly coffee sessions are really awesome. Next time, try harder:) You know how my kindness always cloud my way of seeing things. So instead of me pulling up this person to goodness, I was dragged down to sinfulness. I love you with all my heart and you know that. Thank you for the honest and wise judgement everytime. You may be from that famous UP, but your heart and mind are always well grounded.

 Xa- my activity buddy. Despite the 10 year age gap, we manage to do things together. Now I'm addicted to K-pop too. You were hilarious when you said I'm into J-pop instead. Na-ah! lols. I love you sister and thank you for your generosity to your nephews and for the laugh everytime. Thank you also for reminding me that we are supposed to be the kind of person we wanted to meet. I seriously needed to go back to my old self to attract decent people. Note to self- do not share family inside jokes, some people may take it seriously;D.

20. Ichirou & Jirou- for just being my kids. Thank you for my everyday dose of laughter. You never fail to brighten my day. No matter what people say about me, you, my lovely boys will always be a reflection of my unconditional love and my strength as a mom. You all know better. You are smart enough to see through things. I need not say anything. The affirmation just reveal itself anyways and the people who knows me well can attest to that. ;)

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