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Checklist for your Hospital Bag when It's TIME!

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from first time Mom- Mommy Ingrid

Being prepared is better than rushing yourself which later may cause you stress. So to avoid panic attacks and forgetful mania, start shopping for baby clothes at least on the 7th month. Keep in mind that babies grow so fast you need not buy too many of the same size of clothes. You can also choose neutral colors if your baby is too shy to show their gender during ultrasound sessions. :) I'm sharing my list of stuffs to put in your Hospital bag when it's time for the baby to come out.

For Moms:

  1. a book to read while waiting or a small journal to write on for thoughts and ideas
  2. a pen for extra paperwork
  3. comfy clothes during your stay & changing clothes to wear home from the hospital
  4. bath towel if you can shower in the hospital 
  5. socks and slippers to keep your feet warm
  6. underwear 
  7. make-up and hair clips to make yourself pretty if you are expecting visitors after childbirth
  8. basic toiletries (soap, shampoo, tootbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, maternity napkins)
  9. breast pads for milk spill 
  10. lollipops or lip gloss as you are not allowed to eat too much before delivery and to avoid chappy lips as well

For Babies:

  1. receiving blankets
  2. baby clothes (short sleeves, long sleeves, mittens, bonnets, socks, pajama, diapers, girdle- small triangular cloth wrapped around the baby's tummy to cover the bellybutton)
  3. outfit for baby to wear home
  4. blankets
  5. small baby bottles and milk if you can't breastfeed (Still, breastmilk is still best for babies)
  6. car seat  (in other countries it is required) 

Birth coach
This is someone who will accompany you to the hospital and know how to help you through your contractions, will see your comfort and ease your pain during delivery.

  1. change of clothes
  2. snacks or drinks
  3. camera or videocam (make sure you got loads of memory space available and charge your battery full)
  4. mobile phone- for informing everyone once baby is born or other emergency needs (make sure you have enough caling or texting load)
  5. toiletries
  6. special instructions list (Birth Plan) from the mom
  7. extra coins and money

Birth Plan
These are list of plans that you want to happen during your stay in the hospital. It is a list of decisions you wanted to take place before and after you've been all groggy and tired from childbirth. Make sure you have discussed this beforehand to your birth coach.

  1. Hospital where you wanted to give birth
  2. Hospital rate and packages
  3. Normal delivery or C-section and back up plans
  4. Newborn Screening 
  5. Use of epidurals, enemas, shaving pubic area, episiotomy, choice of delivery positions
  6. If you'd like to have a companion in the delivery room and live documentation if possible
  7. Pediatrician for your baby (make sure you already know details about this Pedia- health cards accepted, clinic hours, accredited hospitals, contact info and if on call during emergencies, consultation fees
  8. Don't forget to emphasize the correct spelling of your baby's name. :) Double check the documents before submitting for registration.

You can add other stuffs that you are used to having anywhere you go like a rosary, ointment or a stuff toy if that will add to your comfort. The most important thing is you have everything in your bag ready anytime.
And while you are months away from delivery, keep on reading about parenting topics especially about taking care of newborns and the joy and challenges that comes with it. And remember, always keep that positive outlook and happy face all the time to keep you and your baby in a good mood always.

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