Wednesday, December 1, 2010

my Little Businessman

In my attempt to drown myself into financial literacy I learned that you can start training kids to become entrepreneur at an early age. So to test if this will work with my kids, I asked Ichiro: "Would you like to do business with Mama?" He replied: "Yes!" with that funny smile I know something's playing already on his mind. So I asked him: "So what kind of business would you like to start with?" He replied: "Mama, fruits!" and with much conviction he followed it with: "Bagsak Presyo!!!" (ha ha ha)
Now that reminds me of his consistent prodding to make me sell our stuffs in the house we don't often use. I think It was last year when he suggested that we should sell our stuffs to make us rich. He even pointed at my Avon dinnerware collections! Oh My! And I thought he was just thinking out loud. He even reminded me of the Dakki catalouge he's gonna show his classmates and make them order some pillows. :D
Haha, now I guess that tiny mole at the top of his lip really means something. :D

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