Saturday, December 4, 2010

slowly one by one...

Just the other day, me and my sister settled our financial obligations with each other. I'm so blessed to have generous sisters.  In the future, when I finally reached my financial freedom they are one of the few people whom I'd really give back. <---note to self. :) We finalized the budget for the coming holidays as well as early financial plans for next year. We tried to stretch it out but opted to eliminate the ones we can do without. Now that's a good start. 
And speaking of financial obligations, it's one of my driving force why I'm seriously trecking my way to financial freedom.

I'm a single mom, my boys are growing fast I cannot blink for I might be surprised I can no longer keep up with them  nor sustain their needs. They are the kind of kids you would want to spend money with given their various achievements and diverse interests. My eldest love books and my youngest loves Art and to nurture those interests means providing them the materials to learn. And as a parent, who wouldn't? 
I still have financial obligations to some people who have been an angel during the trying times in our life. I'm always praying for them so that God bless them with much abundance while waiting for me to finally reach the promised land. Thank God He always answer my prayers.
I know I still have a long way to go but I believe that God is till molding me to become a person who will use money to bless people and not use money inaccordingly. 

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