Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Basic Party Planning

I don't usually throw a big party for my kids unless it's the 1st birthday. We usually just spend time with the family with a different activity each year. But since age 7 is an important milestone for my little boy, I decided to give him a surprise birthday party!

I started with the theme. My little boy loves playing Plants vs. Zombies and he mentioned once that he wanted to have a PvZ collection. And so I have a theme in mind but the challenge is finding stuffs that have PvZ labels. I remember last Christmas when we went to Divisoria (a place where you can buy stuffs in bulk and pay less) there were really limited items with PvZ logo on it. Good thing I discovered where I can buy glossy photo paper and ink jet friendly stickers that I can use for printing designs.

Now the budget. How much can I shell out for the party? Oh well, since it's a very special day I already reserved all my incoming incentives for this. The company I'm currently working for is very generous when it comes to convertions of vacation or sick leaves. Being a helpdesk is also a plus. Sponsors are also around. One Tita sponsored the cake while the other Tita sponsored the lootbags. Some friends gave discounts on their products and services. Ninong Glen helped with the designs and art stuffs.

Plan the venue and the details. When and Where. My kid is a homebody so most of his friends are in school. So to make him happy with his friends on his special day I opted for school. I had to ask permission from the school head and asked the number of preschool students attending the afternoon class.

Food. I had to book a take out party from Jollibee for the kid's food. He loves Jollibee so It's really not a tough choice. I'm also preparing cupcakes each with a PvZ character on top. For teachers and staff, I'm preparing not so kiddie food. At home, where relatives and friends are invited to celebrate with us, I'm preparing dinner for everyone.

Activities & Games. Since the party package includes Host, balloons,games and prizes I added an interactive contest for the guests. And since this is a surprise, they have to make their best and most creative PvZ hat at home and bring it to the party. Best hat will be chosen by the birthday boy and a surprise gift awaits the winner. Separate prize for the kids and for the teachers. The highlight of the party is the PhotoBooth. Of course, everybody loves taking pictures and I'm sure it's going to be fun, fun, fun!

Souvenirs & Lootbags. I remember having a funny early morning conversation with my party supplier.
Me:  Plants Vs Zombies is the theme that's why I'm looking for plants (cactus) as give away.
Him:  Of course! Would you like to give away Zombies instead?
Nice point! :D So instead of giving out zombies I should really give plants instead for their souvenirs. Not only will be able to help fight global warming by planting, It will also save their brains from being eaten. :D

It really helps if you have a checklist of all the details you need for the party. It saves you from forgetting little things especially if you are juggling time between working and setting up the party. It'll be much better if you have a calendar of activities too.

I'm recommending these people for your party needs:

Norie's Kitchen
Norie’s Kitchen is a custom cakes and premium pastries supplier in Cavite and Tagaytay Area. They make character cakes and elegant wedding cakes.

Howell Tolentino
He offers pre-birthday photo shoot too. Check his works here:
Howell Fauxtography 
Foto Shack!

Here are some of the resources I came across with while planning this special party:
How to make a PvZ costume
Party Checklist
PopCap games
PvZ Wiki
PvZ guide

Now I can't wait to see the happy face of my little boy on his birthday. I'm actually excited!

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