Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What makes your day?

For couples, the anticipation of seeing their love ones each day whether in school, workplace or on a date is really exciting. Others who are lucky get special notes through texts, cards, post it or emails and that's something to look forward to everyday. For family members who have been away for so long, the arrival of their balikbayans are worth the wait and each day after that is really something to treasure. For me, I look forward to seeing my kids arriving from school each day and be able to play with them.

Since Valentines day is fast approaching, anybody who is in love will surely get bitten by the bug. I get my own lovenotes too. Not only during special occasions but everyday. It completes my day, as if the sender knows exactly what to keep me up. Let me correct that, HE really does.

Here's one of my fave from His everyday love notes:

How about you? Have you ever been excited with something everyday?
His love is so abundant I'm very much willing to share:
Get your lovenotes here:

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