Saturday, October 29, 2011

Improvised costume for Trick or Treat!

Every year, employees bring their kids to our company's Trick or Treat event. Minimum age requirement was 3 y/o. The first time I learned of the event my son was just 8 months old. So when he finally turned three I was so excited to bring him. My sister and I did not like the first outcome of her version of scarecrow so I was draining my creative juices an hour before we went to my office's Trick or Treat. I must say, creativity come to moms who are so tight on the budget.

Let me share our improvised version of scarecrow from Wizard of Oz.

1. an old Ukay turtleneck shirt of Tita Bingle
2. Mama's version of red topper from an excess cloth in Tita Auring's tailor shop
3. Ichiro's old hat
4. Ichiro's black school shoes
5. A yellow sack for the hay part made by Tita Xrla both for the hands and feet
6. old brown and orange leaves from our trees at home
7. Ichiro's jogging pants
8. An old string like tie made from wood craps for the belt and for the hands
9. hair pins

This is not his first Trick or Treat. He had one in school already. But being the very shy and quite a snob kid that he is, it's quite an accomplishment that he was able to join the kids in collecting candies with Mama just following around. The good news is: He was awarded BEST in COSTUME! I'm so glad that when his name was called he went forward willingly. He proudly showed me his prize which is a book making kit. We spent the next day putting up shapes and colors to make his ocean adventure book. It was a priceless bonding time.
It was worth the wait !

This was a repost from my old 360 Yahoo blog. The blog host was revamped then ultimately removed from the Yahoo features. I had so many articles on that blog but was able to recover only a few. I still have more blogs around but mostly for private posts only. PHdM is my newest baby and this is not a personal blog. It just aims to share thoughts and lessons learned for the readers to be informed, encouraged and enlightened. 

Are you a Trick or a Treat?


  1. Good job Mama Eila and JM! And Tita Bingle! Haha!

  2. haha, thanks Joy! Every year we attend like around 3 separate venues just for this:) It's always full of fun, fun, fun!