Wednesday, October 19, 2011

PHdM is Back to Running!

This has been one of my most awaited event for this month. Me and some friends from work joined the “Health is Wealth” Fun Run – Triple Crown Challenge by the 1st International MoneyExpo 2011. I missed running and this was a great opportunity to start hitting the road again.
my lucky number that Sunday :)

I remember my parents and siblings used to jog together every weekends. I'm lucky to have been brought up well by parents who value good health. Since then I have always loved to jog around our subdivision even when I'm alone or with friends. Before, I don't actually take it seriously. I just love to take some time appreciating the scenery or the company of good friends. Now I realized that running is really essential especially if your lifestyle is purely sedentary.

Benefits of Running:

Running improves health and physical fitness. Running improves aerobic fitness by increasing the activity of enzymes and hormones that stimulate the muscles and the heart to work more efficiently. It makes the heart stronger by increasing blood circulation and respiratory capacity.

Running helps burn fat resulting to loss in weight. I have been diagnosed last year with lumbar instability prompting me to attend physical therapy sessions for several weeks. The culprit? I'm not allowed to go beyond 55 kls. That means I have to watch my weight and make sure I don't go beyond that or else I'll get impingement syndrome or worst than that. Running is the easiest way to keep my ideal weight.

Running helps you develop stronger bones and muscles. It will not produce bulky legs, instead it will increase leg strength.

Ever heard of a "runner's high"? That's what I get after every running session. It's a refreshing feeling coupled with a feeling of accomplishment and unexplainable joy. It's like chocolates for those who are feeling sad and depressed.

Last Sunday was really a blast. I Went home with lots of goodies and prizes from the Fun Run's raffle with a bonus picture with a hunk. The universe must be listening to me when all my prayers were answered immediately.
1. may this day be a happy day
2. one pic w/ the cute guy I saw that morning (turned out he was the host of the event!)
3. win in the raffle, haha I'm such a lucky girl!

We are running again next month. Looks like the running mom is back on track!

How about you, are you back on track?

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