Thursday, November 10, 2011

From what feels good, back to what is good

I have a  seatmate from office who is my constant reminder that the path I was trekking was actually the right one. I remember a status I posted on my FB page:
I've been blessed with friends who are really funny, but still, YOU-> dear Lord, got the craziest sense of humor! Imagine me everyday squeezed in between my temptation and a person who reminds me of the path I was once trekking. You got the best timing, as always! :)
It was really a funny set up. The temptation holding my hand the whole time while Apple talks about love and God. Now I realized, that even if my hands were loved the whole time, my attention is still on what Apple has to say because I've been there. I know that familiar feeling of lightness that envelopes me everyday and I missed it. In my heart that's where I want to be.

I was temporarily distracted. I must have been blinded by my mission to share optimism and kindness to a lost soul. I felt I had to do something. I was very careful not to hurt anybody especially a lonely one. I've tried to share the inspirational books I've been reading, the subscriptions on my emails were constantly forwarded to enlighten and inspire, and my good examples as a person should be enough to rediscover life and its goodness.

In the end, however good our intentions may be, there will still be people who will choose to stay on the lonely road. I remember one conversation I had with this person about God and the end of the world. That person said he would rather wait and watch for it to happen than to struggle doing the right thing for in their faith everything will eventually be wiped out. I thought I could lead the person to at least make an effort to do good things but it turns out the person doesn't really care about others. He's not even connected to his family's social network.Or maybe it's not his.

We used to plan on having bible conversations the whole day.  I now wonder how he used to be as a preacher. Bless his soul.

How do you plan on saving your soul?

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