Friday, November 11, 2011

Scared to be single?

Top 10 Reasons Why It's Cool to be Single

  1. You have more time for God, yourself, your family and friends. This is so true. I had more time to travel with friends, more bonding time with the kids, more time to learn new stuffs like baking and more time to attend church. 
  2. You have the absolute freedom to accomplish the things that you're supposed to do alone---your MISSION. Without distractions, I was able to join more charitable projects.
  3. You can go out more often to raise God's banner to the ends of the earth. 
  4. You can be more open to God's great plans for your life. Yes and more open to God's blessings.
  5. You can discover new things about yourself. Haha, more "ME" time! 
  6. You can travel the world without depending on someone's schedule. No waiting time. :)
  7. You can explore things fearlessly.  No sick partner to attend to or hinder your enthusiasm during physical activities.  
  8. You can go out with friends (male/female) without asking someone's permission. I can always meet new friends without worrying for a jealous partner. 
  9. You can really prepare for your  exciting future. And I'm always excited!
  10. You can be the best that you can be while waiting for your ONE TRUE LOVE. Time flies so fast you'll just know when he's there and you'll just immediately say YES, I'm giving my commitment. :) 

my butterfly is ready to fly away 
Looking back, I remember myself enjoying this kind of freedom without even realizing it.  It's  really nice when you have a mindset different from the crowd. You don't get to be carried away by the wave.  

This is a repost from my friend Apple's blog.  She gave me permission to post this as we have once talked about being single and how it's like to be free. I'm sure anybody who is too dependent on someone will never relate to this topic unless they have the strength to move on and embrace the real benefits of being free and single and if they have the courage to open up to more of  God's blessings. 

Scared to be  single? 

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