Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Music for Mom

Last Saturday, I had a chance to support a very noble cause initiated by the children for their mom. Aside from the yearly charitable visits we do for the orphanage, these are the kind of events I frequent with. I am very lucky to have friends like Alex and Chad who are always there for support. They are one of my male friends whom I consider very close to my heart. It was a fun night with different kind of music played by several bands whom Pat and Alex are friends with.

The fund raising event was for Patricia's mom who underwent surgery and would need more help for the medical expenses. Their mom must have been pretty special to deserve such love and effort from her children.

I remember my mom when she was hospitalized several years back, my sisters and I have alternately searched for ways to shoulder the bill for the hospital and medications. It was really a very challenging time in our life. But during those times will you realize how good our parents must have been to have raised such loving and responsible children. It is the time when you'll realize how your mother have raised you to be the kind of person who can get past through any struggle. It was the time where we really felt how close we are as a family and how we really care for each other. It was the most depressing time of our life but it definitely made our bond stronger and defined. It was the time that Mom has to let go and have let us fly on our own.

with real good friends Alex & Chad

I have several share of Mommy moments where I felt confirmation that what I'm currently doing as a mom is right and cool. There was this time me and my boys were playing in the playpen I personally designed in my father's house. A girl aged 9 or 10 was watching me and the boys play and enjoy each other. She then approached me and said "I wish you were my mom." I smiled back and let her join us. Her mom was just near us busy talking with her friends. My youngest sister often commented on how she loved being at home because she loved what I cook and bake. Some friends and office mates have expressed how cool it would be like to have me as a sister or a mom. I'm just sharing what I'm good at and that is nurturing. I don't have much money but I have lots of friends who treats me like a family and a family who treats me like a friend. I guess what you give just eventually goes back naturally

what goes around comes around...

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